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Molino Glass
Creators of high quality Glass Bongs and Glass Pipes

Molino Glass is a Swiss-founded company that specialises in the manufacture and retail of high quality Pyrex Glass Bongs, Glass Water Pipes, Glass Bubblers and much more. Our range of products are known and respected internationally as being innovative in the field of bong manufacture, with our team of dedicated glass artists who constantly strive to produce new and creative designs for our worldwide Glass Bong users.

Molino Glass was founded in Switzerland in 2001, with Swiss and American glass blowers forging the way with their creative passion for the project. Molino’s designs have an international support base of users, with The Mad Scientist design being one of the first percolator bongs on the market, and still an incredibly popular Pyrex Glass Bong design. Also available are a range of assorted Pyrex Glass Bongs and Glass Bongs of various sizes, along with bubblers, jars and bowls, each of which has its own unique design, which will dictate what your experience of using a Molino Glass product will be like.

Molino Glass is a labour of love. From our glass artists to those selling and marketing the product, we are all users and fans of the Pyrex Glass Bongs, Glass Water Pipes, Glass Bubblers, Jars and Bowls that we make and sell, and as such we have not only a passion for our work, but a firm desire to produce the best products we can with regards to our innovative designs and how they pertain to the experience of using Molino Glass products recreationally.

Molino Glass are happy to sell our product internationally to those over the age of 18, and once the order is processed, it will arrive with you sometime between 10 and 14 days. If you are European, Australian or Asian and/or wish to receive your Molino Glass Bong product sooner, please get in touch with us on our website http://molinoglass.com/contactus/ and we will arrange a cost for the delivery depending on your country. The payment method can be through credit card online, through a secure SSL connection, via Moneygram, or by Western Union, and all orders will be delivered with reliable international mail with available USPS (US Postal Service) tracking.

We take pride in our Pyrex Glass Bongs, Glass Bongs, Glass Bubblers, Jars, Bowls and Percolator bongs and pipes we care about customer satisfaction. We welcome your feedback as customers and fellow users, and you can let us know how you feel by communicating with us on twitter https://twitter.com/#!/MolinoGlass and on facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Molino-Glass/145869288795282.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding our products – we love to hear feedback, or just shared experiences!


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