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Ball Mason Jar 27ozwith Integra Boost 62% 8g x2


Balls Mason Jar Perfect for curing and protecting your herbs from moisture with a sealed vacuum system, comes with Integra Boost 62% 8g 2 packets to maintain consistent humidity. Humidity control at 62%, used to curing flowers directly to bring weight back. After trimming, extract the fragrance of flowers after trim. Incubate for another 7 days.

Bi-directional humidity control envelope

Humidity conditioning: by absorbing or releasing moisture in the surrounding air. Adjust the adjacent humidity balance to the proper level.

Preserves food: It's salt-free and the pouch resists spills and tears. take care of raw materials Flowers or food maintain freshness, smell, taste, as well as prolong product life.

Hands-free care: Replace the INTEGRA™ BOOST envelope with a new one after Lifetime warning paper changes color to blue.

Environmentally friendly: Made from plant-based raw materials, FDA-approved, non-toxic. The ink printed on the envelope is food ink but can be captured directly.

Various sizes to choose from: There are all three sizes, 4-gram (raw material not more than 14 grams), 8-gram (raw material not more than 28 grams), 67-gram (raw material not more than 453 grams). You can choose to suit the amount of raw materials. and your packaging


For INTEGRA™ BOOST to work optimally, it should be used where moisture is blocked. or a sealed storage box By placing the warning paper next to each other in the box to detect the service life of the envelope.

Product Details :

  • Comes with 1 dozen size 32 ounces / 1 pint glass jar.
  • With vacuum cover
  • Comes with Integra Boost 62% 8g, 2 packs

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