Mad Scientist V4


Scientific glass bong with lots of amazing features! True craftsmanship! Made of massive 5 mm thick Pyrex Glass, state of the art 3-chamber cooling and filtration system.
The bottom base comes with the new and unique Molino Glass Mushroom inline percolator diffuser which requests very high glass blowing skills. The Mushroom percolator is highly efficient with massive filtration and cooling performance. The dome inline percolator diffuser in the middle chamber and the removable 7-arm Honey Comb percolator in the third chamber guarantee maximum enjoyment. Another nice feature is the screen cup, no additional screen needed!

It’s a Mad Scientist – not just a bong!

Scientific glass bong hand blown by Molino Glass!


  • 5 mm Pyrex Glass
  • Height :  52 cm
  • Diameter : 50 mm
  • Joint Size: 18.8 mm
  • Adapter Diffuser 18.8/14.5 (PBA-1013) – Length 11 cm
  • Screen Cup – Joint Size 14.5 mm
  • Hook to remove the percolator
  •  Triple Chamber


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