LEAF Pre-Rolled Cones (40) in 16oz Ball Mason Jar


40 of our famous LEAF brand pre-rolled cones conveniently stored in a 16 oz glass Ball mason jar.

A great way to ensure your LEAF cones stay dry and fresh ready for you to fill them with your favourite tobacco or herbs and when you’ve finished smoking your cones you have a great jar to store your smoking gear.

LEAF brand pre-rolled cones are hand-rolled from paper made in Spain

Features a 2 part lid and band that ensures an airtight seal to protect your herbs.

Environmentally friendly glass instead of plastic


  • Cone Size: King Size Slim 110 mm with 20 mm tip
  • Contains 40 Pre-Rolled LEAF Cones
  • 473 ml / 16 oz / 1 US Pints
  • Airtight seal – 2 piece lid and band keeps air from entering

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About LEAF Pre-Rolled Cones

Take the effort out of rolling. Leaf Pre-Rolled Cones are a great way of getting your hits. These cones are as the name suggests, rolling papers that are already rolled for you.  They are sometimes called pre-rolls. Cones appeal to many of our ‘roll your own’ customers who prefer to save time and energy by not needing to roll joints by hand.

Pre-rolls are a sensible alternative to hand-rolling your own. If you are not proficient in hand-rolling technique, you can simply eliminate this step by buying these excellent alternatives. This also eliminates the chances of the paper accidentally tear during the rolling process. Let’s face it, we’ve all been there at some point.

LEAF brand cones are hand-rolled using the finest papers from Spain. They are 100% vegan, unrefined, unbleached and sourced from 100% sustainable raw materials.

Leaf Pre-Rolled Cones also come in 50s and 100s. King Size Slim 110 mm with 20 mm tip


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